Our Sustainability Statement

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At Middlesex Aerospace, we have long recognised the impact of aerospace on the environment and improving the sustainability of our business is at the core of developing as a leader in producing precision components in low and high volumes. Every aspect of our operations is continuously monitored for solutions which reduce the energy we consume and the waste materials we produce.

Manufacturing processes are the most visible aspect of our operations; we have been recycling all waste material from machining, known as swarf, for decades. This has evolved into a full liquid reclaiming process to recover lubricants and coolants used during machining, with compactors to minimise storage and lessen handling – reducing pollution from disposal and the number of collections to take the swarf away for recycling.

But sustainability can go much further. We adopt lean processes and integrate into supply chains to drive efficiency and reducing waste. Continual investment in our capital equipment for more efficient, automated machinery has lowered our energy consumption and allowed for continual 24/7 operation, removing energy wasted through time-consuming startup procedures. 90% of lighting throughout our facilities is by LED technology, significantly reducing the energy consumed within offices and production areas. And by digitising our design processes we reduce the need to create energy-intensive prototyping, as well as help reduce reactive maintenance.

Sustainability has no end. It continuously evolves and there is always room for improvement. And while our efforts to be a sustainable business stretch back over two decades, we continue to look ahead and search for better solutions that move us closer to Net Zero.

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